Elliptical Staircase in Crema Luna

Exceptional Elliptical Staircase

This exceptional elliptical staircase was fabricated carving blocks of Crema Luna into 3D elements for the balustrade, each element comes with its unique shape and dimensions.

Although only 30mm thick the 3D elements of the balustrade kept the sense of solidity and lightness of the marble. The honed finish softens further the materiality of the stone.

The two flights of stairs connect the Basement all the way to the First Floor level. Each step is 30mm thick with the anti slip finish strip carved to the surface. The staircase dry fit was done in the workshop prior to shipping to site. It was a unique experience to witness every step of the workmanship process and how the blocks were taking shape into the elliptical elements.

Design Ideas

The designer wanted the Crema Luna to be also in the floor sitting under the staircase, combining the honed Crema Luna marble  with the honed Verde Giada marble and  the polished Breccia Pontificia marble. The floor was manufactured using a water jet machine and dry-fit in the factory before being shipped to site.

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